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Graduation "Day" Ticket Application

We have GREAT NEWS!!!!!  Universal Orlando Resort is “reinventing” their Gradventure events for 2021.
The Universal Orlando Youth Team has created a wonderful “Grad” opportunity for your students. 
Information available today will allow you to start planning an exciting memory building day at Universal!

  • Grad groups can enjoy a one day/ two park  “day ticket” on the dates listed below.
  • The ticket is $84.99 per student and available to all graduating 12th graders and 8th graders
  • One free adult for every 6 students
  • The ticket is valid during regular park hours on the dates offered
  • Ticket includes a complimentary meal and a Coke Freestyle commemorative cup which can be refilled, for free, all day
  • Your original grad application is no longer valid.  As you were scheduled in the 2021 events, you can apply for the graduation “Day” ticket.
  • If you know your bus company and the name and cell numbers of three sponsors/chaperons who will be available for emergency contact, please submit their information on the application.   If the information is unknown please submit the application anyway. 
  • Sign up quickly as capacity is limited and will be assigned based on date of application


  • April 19--Monday
  • April 20--Tuesday
  • April 21--Wednesday
  • April 22--Thursday - SOLD OUT
  • April 23--Friday - SOLD OUT
  • April 26--Monday
  • April 27--Tuesday
  • May 10--Monday
  • May 11--Tuesday
  • May 12--Wednesday
  • May 13--Thursday
  • May 14--Friday
  • May 17--Monday
  • May 18--Tuesday
  • May 19--Wednesday
  • May 20--Thursday
  • May 21--Friday - SOLD OUT
  • May 24--Monday
  • May 25--Tuesday
  • May 26--Wednesday
  • May 27--Thursday
  • June 1--Tuesday
  • June 2--Wednesday
  • June 3--Thursday
  • June 7--Monday
  • June 8--Tuesday
  • June 9--Wednesday
  • June 10--Thursday
  • June 11--Friday
  • June 14--Monday
  • June 15--Tuesday

If you would prefer to download a copy of this reservation form and fax/e-mail it back to Educational Experiences, please download the PDF version here.

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